How to hack a Nikon wireless remote

This is a follow on from this post where I showed you how to hack a cable remote and connect it to a micro-controller. Here I show you how to hack a wireless remote to connect it in the same way.

I use Nikon and the remote is a Nikon ML-L3 copy. You can buy one from eBay for a dollar.

Before and after

This is a new remote and one I prepared earlier.

How does the remote work

When you push the button the infrared LED flashes in a specific sequence. When the camera detects the sequence the shutter goes off.

Modifying the remote

We are going to modify the remote to add jumper headers we can connect to a circuit.

Peel back the top layer. You can see two holes near where the button contacts. This is where we are going to attach wires.

Img 2268

Cut gaps where the screws sit. Put the top layer back. This is so we can remove the circuit board with the top layer attached.

Img 2269

Unscrew the screws and remove the circuit board.

Img 2270

Stick something pointy through the holes. Push it all the way through and wiggle it around. Make a hole large enough for a wire to fit through.

Feed through a wire, or if you bend it a little you can use a jumper header. In hindsight, wires work better.

Solder the wire.

Img 2271


Img 2272

This is a photo that an ATtiny85 took of itself.

Dsc 7373